Stored below -20◦ to keep the quality up to the buyer's hands


cheap shipping cost


The fish that is sent is the latest catch so that its freshness is guaranteed


Safe for consumption of all ages


the Best Fresh Tuna Loin

tunaloin.id is a company engaged in fisheries, namely frozen cooked Tuna Loin. Our company is specialized in processing and sales of Tuna Loin Product, most of which is frozen precooked tuna products, super frozen, and other fishery products. We also export various specifications of Tuna Products to the domestic market and the market abroad all year around. Our vision are upholding the conception of mutual benefit by provide you with high quality products and service at affordable prices.

Grade A Quality
Contains vitamins D, B6 and B12
No Preservatives and Dyes
Thick Cuts of Meat
Affordable prices with guaranteed quality
Quality Tuna Fish

tuna loin frozen

fresh tuna fish

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